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A Million Mutual Friends
Run The Place Green Greener Grass Than Blue Post-Autumn Spotlight

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*this dj mix commemorates the 10-year anniversary of khia's "my neck my back" with a collection of female artists who let you know when you're going down

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*the artists in this mix can be found in the picture, can you find them all?
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1.The All-American Rejects – Gives You Hell (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
2. Kid Cudi – DaynNight (Crookers Remix)
3. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll
4. Hannah Holland – DIVADUBSTEP
5. Nero – This Way
6. Crystal Castles – Untrust Us
7. Kanye West – Love Lockdown
8. Metric – Satellite Mind
9. Kid Cudi – DaynNight (Crookers Remix)
10. Ratatat – Shempi
11. MGMT – Time to Pretend
12. Boys Noize – Shine Shine (AC Slater Remix)
13. MSTRKRFT – Fist of God
14. Britney Spears – Womanizer
15. Mathhead – Get Hype
16. Caspa – Marmite
17. Brokencyde – Get Crunk
18. Reso – If Ya Can’t Beat Em
19. Kanye West – Bad News
20. Adrian Lux – Strawberry (Marcus Rombo Remix)
21. Drumcorps – Down
22. Akon – Right Now
23. TRG – Horny (Reso Remix)
24. Bar 9 – Murda Sound (Riskotheque Remix)
25. MSTRKRFT – The Looks
26. T.I. featuring Rihanna – Life Your Life
27. Benny Benassi featuring Mia J – My Body
28. The Secret Handshake – Everyone Knows Everyone
29. Flo Rida featuring Kesha – Right Around
30. Matt Shadetek – Go Round Payola
31. Simian Mobile Disco – Sleep Deprivation
32. Knifehandchop – All Over Your Face (Reverse)
33. Ellen Allien & Apparat – Turbo Dreams
34. Lady Sovereign – Jigsaw
35. Mates of State – Get Better
36. Benga – 26 Basslines
37. Drop The Lime – Hear Me
38. Lady Sovereign – Let’s Be Mates
39. Justice – Let There Be Light
40. Otto Von Schirach – Dance Like A Hoe
41. Modeselektor – Happy Birthday
42. Bat For Lashes – Daniel
43. Hot Chip – Ready For The Floor
44. Benga – Crunked Up
45. M.I.A. – Paper Planes
46. Chairlift – Bruises
47. Knifehandchop – All Over Your Face

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1. The Thrift Store Shuffle (1-2-3-4)
2. Guns from Teresa (606 to the 808)
3. Megapixel Portrait (Rain Rain)
4. Toby Zimmerman and the 17-Year Sleeper Cell

1. Regional Allergies
2. Early Bird
3. Love, Hate, Heart, Lungs
4. Welcome to my Company
5. But you did
6. Nice to meet you
7. Happiness
8. Southbound
9. If gas were free
10. Ironic
11. Stupid Humans
12. AssCaught
13. Turn Left
14. We died at 215
15. Running Laps
16. Greener Grass
17. Than Blue



I’m allergic to stay in one place, and it’s time to make a change,
maneuver through a maze in Grace and touch all Keys to 88.
Largo, West, and key lime pie...hard to get but I see why
getting there is half the fun...the other half is after one.
Bask in the sun and play in the rainfall,
Break Berlin and shimmy up the Great Wall.
I hate to fall, but I love to climb,
I’ll take the risk, but I wonder why
getting there is half the fun...The other half is after one.

You don’t “itch” something, you scratch it
You don’t “minus” something, you subtract it.

Go to Gaza for latkes, falafel, and matzos,
dahl, olive leaves off a tree mixed with kasha,
Europe for bratwurst and vodka, Pasta from Italy,
and sake from Nagasaka.
That’s a lot of food to fit, that’s why you’ve got to poop and piss
And shoot the shit like diarrhea, “Shit dood, who’d I hit?”
It’s your duty to your booty to excuse yourself and take a dump
To drop a deuce and take another look at what you ate for lunch.
Pee your pants. Feed a plant with lemonade and eat a branch.
Peter man, this pickled pepper tastes just like a treatment plant
Pickled peppers? ah, speaking of pickles, I knew this fine place
on delancey St. This fine delicatessen where you could sit and esn.
Then there was this patisserie with the very best jelly rolls
right after the deli closed. I’d eat it and then let it out my
smelly hole. Ah, those were the days..


Nobody I’ve ever known has ever thrown away a note
that i left after sleeping over, saying I’m a nomad.

Goddamn she’s a light sleeper, and I’m a night feeder,
so this won’t work out, but then again I might need her
if i do deuce out, she heard the burglar
alerted me to tornado warnings that struck before morning.

Sorry I couldn’t wait for you to wake but I’m an early bird
who feels the need to seize the day and eat away at life.
Plus I left a note, that’s kind of like a kiss goodbye...
this bird is taking off, excuse me while i kiss the sky.
and if you wish that i were there,
you should just wish upon a star,
that will be me with headlights shining on my way to Mars.
And if you wish that I were there,
you should just wish that you were here,
I brought an extra straw for you to help me sip away.

sorry i couldn’t wait for you to wake but i’m an early bird
who feels the need to seize the day and eat away at life.
you drank yours away and woke up with a hangover,
laid over in a city that’s far from home.

Peterbuilt truck to a peterman bus...
fuck landlovers, i sail the sea in a sub.
holding a grudge, rolling on dubs, blowing up dust,
towing your boat isn’t thug.
Transportation in Asia went from gondolas to hondas,
the north pole has absolutely nothing to do with santa monica
hanukah islamic radicals battle it out
for the natural botanicals
Garden of eden and semen for eve,
here’s a leaf to cover up your sweet little tit.

I’m sorry i couldn’t wait for you to wake, but I’m an early bird
who feels the need to seize the day.
lead the way to greener grass than blue,
and use the past to feed the flame.
we’ll flee the state, seize the day,
we’d have made a great team
if this highway that we took just weren’t information based.

What a way to die.


I've walked a fine line between like and love.
And an even finer line between love and hate.
And I've found that all three are underrated.
Number 8-figure-four more than four pairs
of couples hunger ate their taste.
Well hunger ate your taste buds.
You hate hugs, I love them.
You ate sluts down and out, but can't see them from the waist up.
I make mud out of dirtballs you date duds who rape sluts with fake jugs.
It takes an idiot to make love.
And I love you and you, and you and you.
And you and you and oh yes you.
But I almost forgot, it's opposite day, so I hate you all.
And I hate to say I'll make it rain on your parade and make your day.
So hate-hate go away, save it for a later date in time.
When I can make my mind up. Make it up.
And take some time off. Take it off.
I found my smile in a cat that smiles.
It's a damn good thing for me that you don't play by my rules.

She stole my heart, holding it,
Broke it, tried to give it back. It's overwith.
But she still has a big piece of it,
And it's not up to her when she's releasing it.

So while you learn how to love, I'll forget how to hate.
I found a way to break bread, but it's down a way.
Out of range of whores, whore moans (hormones), and your lies.
Where the story is told up at the core of your eye.
So put on your poker face, fake a smile, place a wager.
From the waist down, you're still living in the state of nature.
I hate her, I hate her, I hate her.
I fucking hate her.

You make my heart beat twice as fast, I breathe in double-time.
(Do you) wonder why when you see me it seems like I'm running?
You make my heart skip a beat, I breathe in half-time.
This is the last time you're allowed to fuck my lungs up.

It's a love/hate relationship.
I hate you, you hate to give
me one good reason that you seem to think that I need you anymore.

This is like, this is love, this is hate, these are hugs.

I hope you die, I hope you live, long enough to get what you give.


Welcome to my company,
we amend the laws and bend the rules
and re-invent invented tools for lesser men to use.
we took the wheel and make the rollerball,
copywrote the protocol, and now i’m going out to lunch...
make sure to hold my calls.

I sold all my stocks, ironically they all went belly up,
wrote down all the numbers,
consequentially they were shredded up.
Better luck next time sucker, I read up in 101...
at 2,000 pounds a day, I’d say my job is “ton’s of fun”

My money’s awfully dirty, but I clean up just fine,
I lead a life of luxury, and luckily I’m white.
I’m the type of guy you mary for money and bury.
I don’t consider killing the rich and giving it to the poor a charity.
You won’t read my crimes on a bumper sticker and I bet,
I screw over americans but I’m not considered a terrorist threat.
My letterhead’s indented, my seal marks its sincerity,
My car was seven digits, just a fraction of my salary.
The hourly wage that I pay my employees annoys them.
Little do they know that soon
they’ll be on line for unemployment pay

Waiting and waiting and waiting their whole lives
waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, that’s no way to go.

Now I know you know I hate to brag,
but my mom has a station wagon
that can make it to Dayton and back on eight a tank of gas.
I know how to make it last by making passes
at the passing cars, I hit the breaks and shake em off my ass.

Well sometimes on Sunday it’s one day from monday.
And sometimes on Sunday it’s one day from Friday.
Well the highway’s still not moving, and I’m losing my patience
and a doctor’s losing patients from road rage of a station wagon
and I’m losing the station on my radio
And even though I paid to pave the road, I still have to pay a toll.
But I pay it no mind, because even though I’m on the way home,
I’m still waiting in line.

Waiting and Waiting and Waiting in line.


Sometimes I don’t know whether to introduce myself with my
Real name, or my emcee name. So I just mumble something in
between. Kind of like when you write something that kind of
resembles a “t”, but kind of resembles an “f” on a true and
false test. Well i’ve come to find that 50-50 doesn’t work when
kids haven’t been studying for decades. Your best bet is to skip
the test, tell the teacher you were out because it was a religious
holiday, and on top of that you’ve got ADD. *Wink Wink*.
You’ll be home free every time. Well, except when you get into
the real world. Hmm, maybe I should use my real name.


Happiness is something I will never find in you.
I’ve looked and looked, and that fact is tried and true.
You hide the truth and I don’t play hide and seek.
I don’t play the games you play because you’re in the minor
Telling me what kind of life to lead?
That isn’t right to me, I’m not looking for a wife to be.
I’m looking for a sight to see...
I’m looking for a light to lead me...
To the girl that’s right for me........and you’re wrong.

You call me saying that you’re closer to enlightenment
and being unselfish, well if so I wouldn’t be writing this
Portrayal of pain, portrayed as I felt it for the 4th time,
still think that you’re unselfish?
I’m a melting candle and you fanned the flame.
I was a welting flower and you banned the rain.
I was digging myself out of this hole and you carried me.
Put a smile on my face then turned back and burried me.
Merrily, merrily, if life is but a dream,
I’m about to awake at my wake....know what i mean?
because i do too.

You told me to call if I needed anything at all.
Well i need YOU right now and you’re not answering me.

And I think I’ll need a wishing well to wish her well.
But I wouldn’t need a psychic or a spy if she would only kiss
and tell me the truth or dare to wear a face of stone
that cracks in due time, I need only wait to know.
For fate to fold your face and I find out,
But I just see a pink rainbow where your smile turns frowned.

.....and I’m happy now.


This is the sickest I’ve felt in a long time.

I can sing like birdie as I beckon out a mating call
and wait for yall to call back,
then I make a hunter pay the cost
To make a long story short,
I aim and take a shot at his head and take it off.
yet still obey the laws of nature
to ensure there aint no data lost
and make tomorrow safer for a bird to take a walk.
Without a cradle robber
robbin momma robins of their babies,
making omelets out of eighty children,
cuz aint we all the same?

I mean, we sleep late, they hibernate...
We try to find a date, they try to find a mate.

But if you snooze you loose,
early bird gets the worm,
early bird lays the egg.
Egg gets the early sperm.

So learn to love your birds and feed them worms.
Learn to love your birds but don’t touch the worms.

Buck buck buck duck duck bullets
fuck hunters who pluck chickens.
They cluck
listen to doves sing songs of peace
hear freedom ring.....this is a war.
Hear battle cries.....look to the sky
We’re flying south, you’re going down.

Buck buck buck bullets.
duck duck duck bullets
fuck hunters who pluck chickens.

They cluck

listen to doves sing songs of peace
hear freedom ring.....this is a war.
Hear battle cries.....look to the sky
We’re flying south, you’re going down.

You’re going down.


If gas were free, I would be with you,
and you would be with me.

I sit here half-lotus,
half-focused at an overpass
where a nomad’s at a tollbooth last token.
I asked him over and taught him to fish.
But soon enough he surpassed his teacher
and I was cast over.
He was over”cast” by a cloud
and a broken bone
Soon enough he told me all
about his broken home.
And how he turned a motor boat
into a motor home....
rode it home, called it on a houseboat,
then he called it on a rotary phone
Call if phone home, call it home grown,
call it so-so,
but I”m just overlooked.
hold a cook acountable...
I found a full fly in my soup....
whoop there it is.......Poop bear and grin..
Loose hair and win.......SHoot Heroin..

If gas were free, I would be with you,
and you would be with me.

Everyday I would go,
I don’t fucking know where, but I would....
I promise........I’ve thought about it once or twice...
North carolina,
maybe up in new york near poughkeepsie.
I don’t even know.....
to see that circle..

If gas were free, I would be with you,
and you would be with me.
If gas were free, I would be with you,
and you would be with me.


all these kids are sitting, taking notes,
Wanting to make the most of their lives
by learning what others already know.
and I realize that’s how progression is make in terms of technology.
But societal progression can be the opposite ironically.
For learning the ways of a nation helps a nation grow
only in the same way it’s currently growing.
And that can be the opposite of your ideology.
Society gives you an allowence for helping them out.
You’re not making money, you’re simply making them tanks.
And they thank you by giving back what they don’t take in taxes.
And you say “thanks” and use it to go buy a coat.
That you wore to keep out the cold at an anti-war protest.
Ironic, isn’t it?


you need to recognize that all of man’s gained wisdom
is contained within this man-made system
Of hours, minutes, seconds, inches, feet, and miles
calenders, watches, clocks, and sun dials.
Are we above other species due to evolution?
Our numbers, and their instincts are both based
on the revolution of the sun around the earth.
We should remain at equal rights,
When they line up, so we get equal days and equal nights?

we’ll Equalize this system in which owls perch and eagles fly
within a myriad of pyramids with evil eyes.
When you read between the lines,
Accomplish reading minds,
It redefines the truth,.
It opens up my third eye, and I’ve seen the sign.
of the watch is telling me that time is running out.
But universally the sun’s the only clock that counts.
Down throughought the seasons to the vernal equinox...
triggers our internal clocks
when it gets warm like corn when the kernel pops.
This inferno’s hot from animals in heat
competing over mates till one is beat.
They admit defeat or become deceased, they’re willing to die.
It gives a new meaning to the term “killing time”.

Just like at any time crime could put a dead end in my lifeline.
And I never would have accomplished what I wanted in my lifetime.
And those I left behind can fly the flag at half-mast
and tell them that I never knew my life was half-past.


Want to hear a sad song?
Back in the day when the back lot had a back lawn
Back when the vast plots of lands planted air made them cash crops
Every last drop of the land of the lost
was lost at the hands of the have-nots
Padlocked by the asphalt
where the only grass grows through the cracks in the blacktop.

Back in the day when the backyard back lot had a back lawn.
Ascot and Kes Evergreen never see death.
Back in the day when the backyard had a back lawn.
Ascot and Kes Evergreen never see death.


I went to Philly in the winter and chilled with Jack Frost,
Jacked off to Jill (Scott) and chilled with Black Thought.
Wax on, wax off, wax on, wacked off.
And I blasted off!
Hit a homerun, swinging with my bat and balls.
And after all, I'm glad I made it
Never would've made a casting call.
And I guess you could say I'm a jack-in-the box.
And I jacked in her box
And when I passed if off
she didn't even know that she was catching the ghonorrea.

Catching the cat behind his hat
And put him in a bag and give him to Ascot
to do what he wants with.
Give it to a Chloe.
Give it to a Sophie.
Going home.
Going, going, gone.


People hate it, they absolutely hate it
when you tell them to turn left at the stop sign...and...
they knew dood, “I fucking grew up here dood, I know....
God, I lived here”.


My mother taught me the difference between a becky and a beckala.
Even though I once lived in a womb and eventually moved,
I’m never ever free.
Freedom comes with a price and a mother.

Every child’s born a parasite, embarassed by their parents
But without their parent’s care, they’re all left paralyzed.
And Bear in mind, I can’t bear the sight of their pain and vice versa.
I’m not scared to die, but I’m scared I might hurt them
In this wide world of who knows what’s next?
But I’m 66.6 percent sure that it can’t be worse than this.
So hate me, because I love you.

A stranger brave enough to look me in the face and smile....
I’ve found to come to find that in the midwest takes a while.
And by the time that I said “Hi”, you were behind me.
You can find me in a broken VCR pressing rewind.
You wanna be buzzed all the time, I have a button on my left hand.
At the right hand corner of his mouth, that talking sock.
My reality cigarette...To be smoked at the flick of a finger,
flick of a wrist.
I miss what I’ve never had, So reminiscing is just dreaming.
I would say, “Remember when?”....if i could remember....
But I forget........I was asleep.
Every waking minute still feels like a dream, and always has.
If I could wake up, I’d start to live and make “history in the making”
But I’ve been faking for all these years.
Every one.

Autumn and spring,
raining cats and dog days of summer.
winter is far from a wonderland
Under tan lines is a half-sleeve of cancer.
answer your phone, I’m home alone.

Greg got a letter from kevy.
I got a letter from my girl circle.
It’s like they printed two of the same copies.
It’s clear greg and I are two peas in a pod.
That pod is ronnie, our mom, raised in brooklyn
took us to cincy, surrounded by Kristians.
We miss what we’ve never ever had,
one day we’ll go to brooklyn and get it back..
while I sit here drenched in a get high.
What ever happened to friends just saying “no”?
you get higher every night.


You left and weren’t supposed to come back.
Well you’re back exactly where you started
and it only took one lap.
To run track in circles, you thought you were running straight...
revisiting your past the faster you run away.
Well one day you’ll realize you’ve been here and done that,
run laps on a one-track mind and come back
You’ll always come back.
So unpack your bags, your bagage and bad habits...
cuz the sooner you quit, the sooner you’ll be back at it.
An asthmatic can’t run forever on tread mills.

With a carrot in front of your face, it’s always 10’till.

So take a ten minute break to break a sweat.
Take a breathe long enough for me to place a bet.
I’m not a gambling man but I’ll make a bet
that you’ll be the first back though the gate....
because you never left.

You never left.

1. Introvert
2. Edisungod
3. Choke
4. Mudeye
5. Seven Seas
6. SoooMuchSo



Ever since Edison, the filament's made it evident to see what's in the dark, spark a light and then let it in.
Darker than the dark chocolate of Entenmann's decadent candy, got a sweet tooth? Well that's your medicine.
But it's candy coated, wrapped in cellophane, dipped in gelatin, candy coated, all colors of M&Ms.
Or Lemon Heads you melon head, they're all the same but get judged by their cover, the color of melanin
in their skin tone, and never get to see what's inside like a tinted window, they cold-front and feel the wind blow
From up north across boundaries bound to be convergent, of course two-sided, divided, so why light it?

On the first day, mother nature had birth pains, giving birth to the earth, making that earth day.
So happy birthday, I'm sorry to express it in the worst way, but I wanted it her way and right away
Because I know she's seen a brighter day before the light decided to hide away, we blew out the candles and made
the phoenix fly away in the form of a fighter plane, high shooting the sun, in turn the moon went dark almost right away.
My mistake, my bad, my b, my wrong, I see, I take advantage of the light, the air I breathe.
I might be simply a product of my elements, but something tells me that doesn't make up my intelligence.

Edisungod, you're in the dark, thinking you see the light, we need the night to sleep but stay up to read or write.
At night we should see like Helen Keller, you were well intended but now the earth revolves around you.
You've got Magellan jealous.
And you're self-centered, the center of the solar system, hold the wisdom and made a soul decision
When you decided that the earth should now revolve around you, and didn't take a vote before we crowned you.


Not having anything to do, and not having to do anything
seems like two different things. But it's the same situation.
it's an opinion that depends on your perspective.
A detective knows there's two sides to every story,
But only one reality - Ignore one and you're further from actuality.
So claim neutrality in succumbing to preconceived notions.
We can see energy, or we can see commotion.
You can be happy or sad at your ex-wife getting married,
It's a nice day for a white wedding.
But it's hard letting go, this I know, and I'm betting
That you view death as bad instead of a life ending.

It's hard letting go, this I know and I'm betting
That you view death as a bad ending.

What's left is right is wrong
What's good is bad, is nothing special
Who's to say who's perceptive, when our opinion depends on our perspective?

I try to free my mind from thoughts of dualism,

putting perception through prisms, until I see two visions.
My new wisdom tells me that everything is relative
to a separate thing, relating only when you tell of it.
Like when the elements of the body decompose, that's death.
It's not bad, the body just lacks breath.
So are we disrespecting elders, thinking that death pays?
Like, "Am I in their will?" "If there's a will, there's a way".
In one's last days, instead of spending time waiting to die,
recognize it's lack of living that was claiming your life.
Far too concerned when you'll be saying goodbye.
Well, ever since we were all born, we've just been staying alive.

And if you thought that track was skipping, and started flipping,
you can see how one little scratch,
one little match can be the spark to start the flame,
to get you hot-headed and make you go insane.


I'll sail the seven seas and go visit the Lebanese
in the Middle East or go Mid-West to Tennessee.
Take it to the east coast in New York where Mets believe
Or travel west to Venice Beach with weather in the seventies.

We sail the seven seas to try to find a remedy,
searching for the fountain of youth to cure the elderly.
At the age of seventy, your mind is only seventeen
and now a gap exists that was never meant to be.
It's evident to me that you're still young mentally,
except the times when elder relatives can't remember me.
But I love them, so you better believe, they better receive
amenities granted as medical leave.
With a deceiving name of "Social Security"
Assuring me they'll be safe in their age of maturity.

I still hear the battle cries from Palestine over unfinished beef since the time of Malachi.
Men are bound to die fighting for their alibi, of ancient ways and the code of the samurai.
Some can't comply with written words when they analyze the deal living on in images of film formaldehyde.
It's hard to spell it out, for help I turn to Vanna White, to fill in the blanks and try to get the answer right.
In the candle light grows a dandelion, known as a week, to be a flower it can only fantasize.
But it's the roots that kill the other species, not the flower.
If we keep fighting wars of the past, the future makes us cowards.
Hour after hour, minute after minute.
If it's not even our war, how do we expect to win it?
We'll sail the Seven Seas with weather in the 70's.

We'll travel.
Well traveled.

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